Submission Showcase #01

Hello hello! Hope you're recovering from last 4/13 well! It's me again with some lovely works to show you today!

Here's a little showcase below of several submissions you've sent to us! Thanks for your time you took to submit them to us, and apologies for the delay!

15th Homestuck Anniversary Megapost!

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a fun 4/13 and a great 15th Homestuck anniversary!

Here's below a little snapshot of what happened in the community and some of the awesome stuff that was posted during this year's 4/13!

[HS:BC] Upd8 #08 (04/13/2024)

Happy 4/13 and happy Homestuck 15th anniversary!! In today's 13 pages upd8, we're back with a very special guest... enjoy!!

Give us your thoughts about this upd8 in the comments down below! ;)

Site upd8: comments are fixed!!

aaaa elusive here! after a long battle we're finally free from Disqus!! the comment sections are back and alive on all articles!

Down below you'll find a little summary of the new features for the comments and our plans for the near future ;D

[HS:BC] Upd8 #07 (03/15/2024)

It's been a long time since we've seen the Meat timeline, so let's see what Roxy's up to in this 24 pages long upd8.

Homestuck: Beyond Canon Gets a New Website

Announced via news post on social media, the new website can be found at

Upd8 Fanart Showcase #04

by juney-blues, also on Twitter
Hello toxic yuri enjoyers! This upd8 sure was something. Today's fanart showcase is all about celebrating that divorce fever.

(Click on images to go to the original posts!)

Site upd8: our break ends today!

Breeoche here, wishing you a happy lunar new year and happy upd8 day!

Here's a little announcement regarding the status of the site, future plans, and what we have learned in the first few months of running Homestuck Daily.