[HS:BC] Upd8 #013 (07/06/2024)

And with these 10 pages, the best character in Homestuck is back!

[HS:BC] Upd8 #012 (06/27/2024)


Sorry we're a bit late on this small 5 pages upd8, being European gets in the way sometimes when upd8s happen at 1am. But we get our first [S] page of HS:BC! How exciting!

[HS:BC] Upd8 #011 (06/12/2024)

Happy birthday Karkat! This 13 pages upd8 features mostly Vriska, though.

[HS:BC] Upd8 #010 (05/22/2024)

Second one of the month! This 12 pages long upd8 has us checking back in with Jake who is, as always, having a normal one.

[HS:BC] Upd8 #09 (05/09/2024)

Time for some nautical I mean tactical operations! Let's get back to the Resistance in this 11 pages upd8!

Submission Showcase #01

Hello hello! Hope you're recovering from last 4/13 well! It's me again with some lovely works to show you today!

Here's a little showcase below of several submissions you've sent to us! Thanks for your time you took to submit them to us, and apologies for the delay!

15th Homestuck Anniversary Megapost!

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a fun 4/13 and a great 15th Homestuck anniversary!

Here's below a little snapshot of what happened in the community and some of the awesome stuff that was posted during this year's 4/13!

[HS:BC] Upd8 #08 (04/13/2024)

Happy 4/13 and happy Homestuck 15th anniversary!! In today's 13 pages upd8, we're back with a very special guest... enjoy!!

Give us your thoughts about this upd8 in the comments down below! ;)