A Completely Normal, Non-Unhinged Review of GristTorrent

Exhibit A: my current game of GristTorrent, that I was playing through before writing this.

I could have been drawing. I could have been working on my fanadventure. I could have been writing this very article. Instead, I lost two days of my life to GristTorrent. Let me take you on a journey as I try to review this Suika Game clone developed by FlaringK in a single week-end.

Upd8 Fanart Showcase #03

)(i everyone! We're offishally back this week to shellebrate last upd8 with some fintastic fanarts! Sea for yourshellf below!

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Weekly Discussion #04 and #05

Yes I'm completely cheating and merging last week's missed WD to this one shhh
How're you all doing this week ? Pretty nice upd8 that we got! See ya in the comments below ~

[Animation] Project [S] A1E1 animatics teaser trailer released!

The Project Soundpage team has released a teaser trailer for their first episode! Since we didn't exist when Act1 Episode1 aired, here's a good occasion to talk about it again!

[HS2/HS:BC] Upd8 #03 (11/16/23)

Upd8 time with Jake back in action! What will he do about Jane's evil plans ?
We got 21 pages today, feel free to react to this upd8 below! (link to the current upd8 on the picture)

Hiveswap: Friendsim and Pesterquest are coming to console!

Fellow Traveller announces a console release for both visual novels will come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation on December 7.

[Zine] Homestuck Panel Redraw Volume 2 is out!

The second volume of the anticipated Homestuck Redraw zine project has been released! Organized by 2bencats and zan0tix, it's a massive project with more than 60 artists revisiting many iconic moments of Homestuck in over 100 panel redraws!

Check it out with the link below or by clicking the image! You can find the artists credits page here, don't forget to check them out!

Fanart Showcase #03 - Halloween Edition

Let's roll back the clock to last week and stay Halloweenstuck for a little bit longer! Behold, lots of spooks, sweets, scares and monsters everywhere ~

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