Site upd8: comments are fixed!!

aaaa elusive here! after a long battle we're finally free from Disqus!! the comment sections are back and alive on all articles!

Down below you'll find a little summary of the new features for the comments and our plans for the near future ;D


The comments are now using Remark42 instead of Disqus! It's a privacy-focused comment system I've deployed on my private server (the one hosting our Mastodon instance, which is still down due to domain shenanigans) which offers:

  • anon posting!! → you're finally free to not log in! just pick a username and bam you can comment!
  • actual login → you can still log in through Google and Twitter (for now), I'll still need a bit more time to fix the standard mail login but hey one step at a time ;)
  • vote system → it's back but now anon users can vote too!
  • supports styling with Markdown → feel free to get creative with your comments lol
  • login data fully hashed and dumped after use, no tracking → honestly it should be the bare minimum these days
  • delete your user id and comment data whenever → click on your username and you'll find at the bottom a big button to nuke everything if you want!


And besides the comments, here's our next schedule: 

  • Homestuck 15th anniversary tomorrow! Expect an upd8 post covering the last Beyond Canon update and a megapost recap of some of the cool stuff that will be posted in the community that day! (including the Requiem CafĂ© yes, maybe in its own post even)
  • April 17th: our first Submission Showcase! time to spotlight all the cool works that were submitted to us during our hiatus! 
  • April 20th: upd8 fanart showcase #05! (we're going to reach for fanart of upd8 #07 too)


Sorry again for the delay btw!! Between my full-time job, the Situations™, a lot of personnal stuff and the constant nightmare of coding, one tgirl alone can only do so much T-T 

I really want this project to work and continue to tell you about Homestuck, now more than ever! So rest assured, it does indeed keep happening ;)

Have a great 4/13 in advance!! or currently for some of you ;D