Meet our mascot!

(all art by Breeoche)

It's been a long day, or maybe a short one. Maybe you just woke up? I don't know your life or what timezone you're in, whatever applies to you. You stare at your screen and take a deep breath, a single thought running through your mind.

Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my computer?

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??????: Hello tHere!
??????: i waS SuppoSed to get Here waaay earlier but SometHing elSe Happened So i'm a little late...
??????: anyway!
??????: you're probably wonDering wHo i am and wHat tHe Hell i'm Doing in your computer!
??????: it'S notHing baD really i juSt like Hanging out arounD tHeSe partS and i waS tolD to come by and Say Hi!
??????: pretty neat tHat Someone finally put a webSite Here, it waS Starting to get toootally boring
??????: i'm SuppoSeD to introDuce mySelf or wHatever but Doing tHiS on blogSpot iS alreaDy HarD enough anD my text color iS pretty HarD to reaD
??????: tell you wHat How about you be me and we can get tHiS party StarteD? ⥢:D

>Be the weird troll.

Your name is DAILEE, just DAILEE, and you are a WEBSITE MASCOT.

You DO NOT have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, you've had the SAME HYPERFIXATION for OVER 10 YEARS and you DON'T EVER INTEND ON GETTING ANOTHER. Your hobbies include MAKING MEMES and REDOING YOUR EYELINER CONSTANTLY, and you are a regular EDITOR FOR TROLL WIKIPEDIA because you hate BEING WRONG but love LEARNING NEW THINGS. Despite what many people think, you are NOT A SHUT-IN and especially enjoy GOING OUTSIDE for the occasional TECHNO RAVE PARTY. You also love to do SICK TRICKS and kill time by LISTENING TO MUSIC WAY TOO LOUD.

Your WEB SURFBOARD is your pride and joy, you made it yourself after all! Your CODING SKILLS are NOT THE BEST, but the thing runs fine. Thanks to it you can freely EXIST WITHIN CYBER-SPACE, whatever the hell that means. You DON’T REALLY GET IT either. Of course you also RECREATED THE THING IRL, and it has since become your PRIMARY MODE OF TRANSPORT.

you Have a DiStinct way of Speaking tHat alwayS SeemS to empHaSize the wrong partS of a worD

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DAILEE: cool now tHat tHat'S done you can go back to being you!
DAILEE: unleSS you like being me? i Don't blame you eHeHeH i like being me too ⥢;D
DAILEE: but tHere'S only one me, anD tHere'S only one you!
DAILEE: unleSS you're plural tHen tHere'S multiple you but tHat'S not tHe point
DAILEE: Seeya!

>Reader: be yourself again

And just like that, you are yourself again.