What and Why is Homestuck Daily?

Welcome to our site! If you clicked here, that means you’re curious about it. This article aims to answer your questions, allowing everyone to be on the same page about what this whole thing exactly is and why we created it.

The “what”

As noted by the use of a plural pronoun in the opening paragraph, Homestuck Daily is not operated by a single person. We are a small team and you can find out more about our staff at this page. In essence, this is a contribution-based blog aimed at celebrating the Homestuck fandom and serving up fresh news regarding fan projects and official announcements! We publish fanwork collections, fic recommendations, analysis and meta, and any and all things relevant to the subject of Homestuck.

We value transparency and community. As such anything we post in our showcases has been either created by us, submitted to us, or approved for mirroring on our site!

Pretty simple!

The “why”

The long and short of it is: we are people who love Homestuck, and we want to share that love. We have noticed the Homestuck community getting more pessimistic and negative over the years, and we thought “what can we do to make it more fun?”. That’s how we ended up with the idea of Homestuck Daily!

If I can break the kinda sorta professional tone for a second: we, Breeoche and Elusive, used to be active in the Brony fandom, and definitely thought someone had made a Homestuck version of Equestria Daily already… Turns out we were wrong! We benched the idea for a while but recent events actually gave us the push we needed to do it.

This site is our brain child, because we felt like no place in the Homestuck fandom had the vibes we wanted anymore.

With Twitter going down in flames and fan creators scattering more and more over social media and discord servers, we want to do our part in bringing people together in a positive way!

What we do and don’t stand for

This part is a formality more than anything, but an important one.

Homestuck Daily stands for all kinds of fan creations, positivity, and of course a sincere love of the webcomic Homestuck and all its many official and unofficial derivatives. There is not an ounce of irony in what we are doing, if you’re here to get your fix of cynicism and rage I suggest you locate then click the X symbol next to this tab and leave.

Homestuck Daily does not stand for hate of any kind or harassment, and our goal will never be to antagonize any particular person. We are literally just vibing. If you don’t like it, I suggest you refer back to the previous paragraph’s suggestion.


Q) How do I submit my work to the site?

A) Everything you need to know is outlined in our SUBMISSION PAGE.

Q) I noticed a problem with the site! How can I make you aware of it?

A) Please email us at staff@homestuckdaily.com with [SUPPORT] in your subject line if you notice something wrong or experience an issue. We are a small team and sometimes things slip through the cracks!

Q) Can I get involved in Homestuck Daily?

A) We are not currently looking for any new staff. Sorry!