15th Homestuck Anniversary Megapost!

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a fun 4/13 and a great 15th Homestuck anniversary!

Here's below a little snapshot of what happened in the community and some of the awesome stuff that was posted during this year's 4/13!


There's a lot to cover here! So the Homestuck Daily staff is proud to present our personal picks for cool things that happened in the community! 


On the side of zines, we got:

  • the Alphancestors Zine, organized by @gloriousmarey! Show some love to everyone involved in this project! Beforus Feferi my beloved

  • the Vriskagram Redraw Zine, organized by @elggow and @zan0tix (from the Homestuck Panel Redraw team we covered last November!) that you can watch below! It's Vriska time baby!

  • bonus round for the Disabledstuck^2 Zine organized by @harspoonz which is now open to contributors! Click on the image below for more info and to apply if you're interested!

 We got videos too! It does keep happening!

  • Homestuck Funnies 2 - Beyond Humour

UnforgivableContent is back at it again it's too good sqjkhd
  • Let's Read: Homestuck: Beyond Canon - Chapter 11: History's Most Notorious Haters | VoFT Dubs

New chapter dropped! Thanks VoFT Dubs team for keeping up the good work! Have some quality banter between Davebot, Aradia and our favorite self-appointed best narrator™ ;D

  • Let's Read Homestuck - Act 6 (Act 5) - Act 1 - Part 4

Speaking of dubs, the Voxus team is back with another incredible Let's Read Homestuck! Time for some Caliborn >:)

  • Homestuck Animated TikTok Memes | 4/13

Meraki's Homestuck memes, but animated! Go watch it while waiting for the dub of Crow Strider AU u-u

  • Homestuck: Very Special Edition - Act 1 | SleepySouls

Do you remember the time of abridged series? No? Well do not worries we got the fastest and highest™ qualitiest™ let's read Homestuck in the Wild Wild West right there! (thanks SleepySouls team!)

  • I made the annoying green guy from Homestuck

I'm a sucker for arts 'nd crafts, so when I saw actual clay Caliborn you know I had to include it here, incredible craft! (@bogboycolonial you got me at happy 4/13 everypony to be honest sksksk)

  • Skaian Skirmish (Homestuck) - Rhythm Heaven Custom Remix

Not only a nice remix, but it's also with custom assets! (Check out @MetaCrossing's channel for more remixes)

  • Creature Homestuck CMV

Incredible collab project of 26 Homestuck cosplayers covering Creature by Half•Alive!
Check it out and give them some love this is so cool!
  • Redesign Your Logo. (content warning: flashing lights, blood, violence)

For a song we didn't expect to fit so well Doc Scratch's schemes this one takes the cake!
(this cool animated music video is done by @anaeeve!)
  • CRESCENDO - HOMESTUCK Animated Series Pilot (Fan Made)

Do you like 3D animation? Do you like epic showdowns? Well @Ichellor got you covered once more!
  • [S] Catharsis. (content warning: flashing lights, blood, death)

Time for some Damara appreciation! Another great animation by @BUGFlower413!


Have some music news too!

  • Project [S] OST - Volume 1! The wonderful folks at Project [S] have release their first album! Listen to the tracks used for the Act 1 Episode 1 animatic and discover unused and new tracks down below and on their channel! (I have a soft spot for Chorale for Rose personnaly)



  • They've did it again, for this 4/13 too we got Homestuck rips on Siivagunner's team channel! As always prepare for high quality rips (and pretty cool sprite work for the first one!)



And last but not least, here's some games news!

  • Friendsim 2 Volume 12 is out!! This time, come take a look at a wonderful carnival! Come on, it's a normal and perfectly safe carnival we promise :)


  •  Minestuck got an update too this 4/13! New blocks, new achievements and even new computer themes! Have some fun with your friends with the coolest Homestuck mod! (seriously we owe a lot of great night game sessions to all the work done by the @MinestuckMod team, click on the picture to go to the latest file!)



  • And to wrap this megapost, have some Jade! Here's below a little mini game done by @heecawroo about Jade catching some frogs!! I am very bad at it but try to beat S rank!

If you're wondering about how the Requiem Café event went, don't worry! We'll do a separate post dedicated to it soon! But in the meantime, don't forget to check out the merch store! It does ship internationnaly! yay! (click the image below)



And finally as a bonus here's the little 4/13 shrine we built at Homestuck Daily HQ (a.k.a. our apartment lol):


That's all for now, stay tuned for more Homestuck soon!!
- The Homestuck Daily team