Fanart Showcase #02

So much art done this past week! Rejoice, vaska be upon ye

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[HS2/HS:BC] Upd8 #02 (10/25/23)

Upd8 time! We're back with Vrissy and Vriska, trying to Break™ away from Jail™.
Feel free to react to this upd8 below! (link to the current upd8 on the picture)

Weekly Discussion #02

Happy 10/25! Have fun watching -related stuff today! 

This week, to continue the topic from last time, what do you want to see here on HSD? Feel free to leave your suggestions below!

Fanart Showcase #01

by Shadandrews

Welcome to our first regular fanart showcase! Remember to go check out every wonderful artist on here!

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[HS2] News concerning Patreon, upd8s, and financial transparency

In a brand new announcement, James Roach confirms the Homestuck Patreon page will re-open and discusses plans for the future.

Weekly Discussion #01

Hi guys hope you're doing well! It's been more than one week since Homestuck Daily launched, thank you all for your support! What are your thoughts on it? Post your feedback in the comments!

[Homestuck In Public] Opera GX's Trollsona

A Cool Brand™ strikes again! Opera GX has a Trollsona, let's talk about that.

Upd8 Fanart Showcase #01

Tired of sittin' around, in the middle of the night
All bored with nothin' to do?
We called up some folks, who did some cool upd8 art
To show you a hundred different fanarts to view*
(*: number may not be accurate whoops)
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Meet our mascot!

(all art by Breeoche)

It's been a long day, or maybe a short one. Maybe you just woke up? I don't know your life or what timezone you're in, whatever applies to you. You stare at your screen and take a deep breath, a single thought running through your mind.

Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my computer?

[HS2/HS:BC] James Roach's new announcement + Upd8 #01

After years of silence, Homestuck^2 updates and James Roach announces a new team has taken over the Homestuck^2 project.

Welcome to Homestuck Daily!

Welcome to Homestuck Daily!