Submission page

Her Imperious Condescension Helpful Info Consultant, circa 20XX


Q) What content is and isn’t permitted on the site?

A) Our site does not allow things containing pornographic, hateful, or excessively violent content or anything that goes against our stated goals. Think an Ao3 rating of M or under! Obviously, site content must be Homestuck-related in some way. Other than that, everything!

Q) I made something I would like to submit to your site!

A) Great! You can send it to us at, with [SUBMISSION] in the subject line of your mail. Please also provide us with the name, social media, pronouns and project type (art, game, music, etc...) you'd like to be featured as. If you are submitting writing, do not make it part of the body and attach it either as a document or link.

Q) My friend/acquaintance/favorite Homestuck creator made something and I would like to submit it to your site!

A) We’re sure it’s awesome, but we only accept submissions of things you personally created. If you submitted something and we find out you didn’t create it, it will be deleted and you will be put on a blacklist preventing you from making any future submissions.

Q) Someone else submitted my work to your site and you put it up anyway! How can I get you to take it down?

A) We do our best to screen and research for these things but we might not catch everything. Please contact us at

Q) You contacted me for a feature in an article and I accepted, when will it come out?
A) We will contact you again once it does! Fanwork features only go up once we have enough, well, fanworks to feature. Reviews and recommendation articles take a slightly longer time to write and may take a while to come out.

Q) My art has been featured on Homestuck Daily in the past but I want some/all of my art to be removed now
A) No problem! I
t's policy on our site that artists retain the full control on their art. So if you wish to remove one or all of your featured artworks just contact us again and we'll remove them as fast as we can, no justification needed!