Submission Showcase #01

Hello hello! Hope you're recovering from last 4/13 well! It's me again with some lovely works to show you today!

Here's a little showcase below of several submissions you've sent to us! Thanks for your time you took to submit them to us, and apologies for the delay!

(also for context, these are in order from oldest to newest submission)

We're starting very strong with our first submission, a dirk lyricstuck video made by @flwr_venus on the song "in the flesh" by ecco2k! (content warning: blood, suicide and decapitation!)

From the composition of the scenes to the art and as someone who also has spent a lot of time rotating Dirk and the epilogues in my head, I love this video!

Well talking about rotating characters, our second submission is a friendsim-like visual novel called Cloutchase: A Socialstuck Friendsim by team Timesync
Explore the World Wide Web, meet your favorite humanized website, learn about them and earn their friendship! If you want to see gorgeous chara designs and love gijinkas, there's already two volumes available to play through right now on with volume 3 coming on April 20th!! (click the image below to go on, you can also check their dedicated tumblr here)

I'm still a little insane about their character cards aaa, I do be a sucker for chara design ok yes we know I said it already sue me sdklfj

And for our final submission, we're going to AO3! The following ongoing fanfiction (with already 35 chapters) is called The Good, The Bad, and The Alternative, written by @madam-melon-meow and @arealpeople/sarcasticcelery! (also with a dedicated blog here)

As Madam Melon Meow summarized it, it is an urban fantasy AU, in which the meteors revealed the existence of magic and monsters rather than ending the world. It stars the beta kids & beta trolls! (fic is rated T, click on the image below to go to it! also for context, the cover artwork was done by @arealpeople! content warning: graphic depictions of violence)

This fic has some intense relationship face-offs wow! If you like Vriska fighting for herself and her friends in an unjust system (plus committing vehicular manslaughter) and Rose doing highly unethical magic with devastating consequences, this fic's for you!

Additionally, here's a special mention for these other short works by @madam-melon-meow:
  • Shattered Glass: An extended version of the vriskagram scene during the retcon meteor journey in which Rose's drinking is interrupted by Vriska. It seeks to fill in the gap of that scene. (rated T).
  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend: Also taking place during the retcon meteor journey, but goes into the non-canonical as it explores the possibility of Terezi <> Kanaya as a one night pale stand. (rated T too)
  • Wearing The Pants: this fanfic takes place after Homestuck on Earth C but in a different setting from the Epilogues, in a world where Vriska made it through the door, and is now going on her first <3 date with John. (rated M)

That's all for now! Thanks for your time and don't forget to show these cool people some love! I'll be back with another showcase soon ;D