Homestuck: Beyond Canon Gets a New Website

Announced via news post on social media, the new website can be found at

For a while now people have speculated the site address would be updated, since it was still even after the official rebranding of all materials. In a news post today, James Roach announces the official launch of the new website. 

This change comes with a reworking of the News section on the website, which now properly separates individual posts by dates, and the addition of an option to disable character quirks in the comic itself. This last change is a big step up in making Homestuck accessible, especially for dyslexic readers and reader with English as their second language, and we sincerely hope to see more accessibility options added to the site in the future.

A website roadmap has also been launched, allowing readers to not only see what the team is working on but also to make their own suggestions for features they'd like to see implemented in the future.