[HS2/HS:BC] James Roach's new announcement + Upd8 #01

After years of silence, Homestuck^2 updates and James Roach announces a new team has taken over the Homestuck^2 project.

 Today the Homestuck^2 website updated for the first time since December 2020, with a news article and a 47 pages update to the story.

The article, titled "Under New Management", explains that the project has changed hands. This is what James has to say about the plan of writing out the entire story and dropping it all at once:

"I know that the last thing anybody said about it is that it would be written in full and dropped all at once, but that was maybe a bit of wishful thinking. We’ve all been there. As time went on and people started moving on to new things, various opportunities and difficulties arose and ultimately plans changed. As such, the torch has been passed to me. 😎"

The "about" page on the website has also been updated to reflect this change, where the new team is called the Homestuck Independent Creative Union (HICU). The page states:

"HICU is a totally independent entity from Andrew, What Pumpkin, VIZ Media, or any other corporate interest. Andrew has given the union a free license, so they may legally work within the full Homestuck universe and monetize their efforts to support the members."

It appears people on the previous team were consulted about this change and approved of it.