[HS2] News concerning Patreon, upd8s, and financial transparency

In a brand new announcement, James Roach confirms the Homestuck Patreon page will re-open and discusses plans for the future.

Posted today on the Homestuck: Beyond Canon website and the official Homestuck Patreon page, the article states regarding the future of the Patreon;

"On the 30th of October, we are going to restart the Patreon. This was a sort of heavy decision that we understand may not sit well with some people so we want to be forward with you about it. We want to allow people the time to sort out whether they’d like to stay subscribed or not."

People pledging to the Patreon can expect to be charged on November 1st. Which, coincidentally, is my birthday. Yipee!

Addressing any possible concern people may have on the distribution of money, James assures people it will be directly given to the HICU:

"Unlike previous projects, we won’t have a larger absent entity dictating what is and isn’t necessary for us. This time there will be no third parties taking large percentages of money that could be paid to the people who contribute instead."

He adds there will be one more upd8 in October, after which the comic will receive an upd8 once a month.

Near the end of the article, James notes he would like to possibly expand the music team by including newcomers to the fandom space:

"I am also interested in new blood in this capacity, so I’d love to hear from some fan music groups too. I will try and set up some channels for this in the coming months. There is a lot of work for us to do."

He also says the original Homestuck^2 Patreon bonus stories will get finished, though not before the threads contained in them are also explored in the main comic itself.