Welcome to Homestuck Daily!

Welcome to Homestuck Daily!

This WEBSITE's name is HOMESTUCK DAILY. As was previously mentioned this is the WELCOME POST. Its purpose is to LET IT TELL YOU ABOUT HOMESTUCK Daily and give YOU an appropriate WARM WELCOME.

Here you will find a variety of POSTS. They will range from OFFICIAL NEWS about HOMESTUCK-RELATED CONTENT to COMMUNITY UPDATES and various FANWORKS SHOWCASES.

For every FANWORK used in a showcase here, the ORIGINAL ARTIST will always be ASKED PERMISSION for its use. We are VERY ADAMANT on maintaining this VERY NORMAL BASIC THING TO ASK policy on this WEBSITE.

The GOAL of this WEBSITE is to bring more POSITIVITY back into the HOMESTUCK FANDOM, shift the attention to the COOL PROJECTS and FANWORKS people are doing and ENCOURAGE everyone to just ENJOY Homestuck again.

What will you do?