[Zine] Homestuck Panel Redraw Volume 2 is out!

The second volume of the anticipated Homestuck Redraw zine project has been released! Organized by 2bencats and zan0tix, it's a massive project with more than 60 artists revisiting many iconic moments of Homestuck in over 100 panel redraws!

Check it out with the link below or by clicking the image! You can find the artists credits page here, don't forget to check them out!

Link to the carrd ==> https://hsprzine.carrd.co/

Link to the volume 2 zine ==> https://hsprzine.itch.io/vol-2

and here's also the link to the volume 1 zine! ==> https://hsprzine.itch.io/vol-1 :D

Thanks to 2bencats and zan0tix for bringing artists together on this project!

If you're able please support this zine, to quote the volume 2 page all donation money collected will be directed to the PCRF, Palestine Children's Relief Fund. More information about the organization: https://www.pcrf.net/