SAHCon’s Officially Licensed

SAHCon this news!


In the most recent news for the world’s largest yearly Digital Homestuck Convention, SAHCon Staff has announced today that they have partnered with HICU and Homestuck Inc. to become the first official Homestuck Convention.

A post at 19:11PST by Mod Jonaya took to the SAHCon Discord Server to make the announcement and address concerns. 

She states that they will be “Working with the folks at HICU to come up with new ideas for fun stuff to do at SAHCon!” 

Further in the post making it clear that this is still an independent convention, with the same staff, running about the same, before thanking the server for all of the support they've gotten and for the hard work of the many people coming together to make SAHCon great every year, ending the message thus: “The future is bright, and we're glad you're here for it!”

We can only hope that this means a bright, strong future for SAHCon, as well as more involvement with the fandom, or at the very least new merch opportunities, by the Homestuck Entities, as previously seen earlier this year with the Homestuck X Requiem Café event on 4/13.