Site upd8: our break ends today!

Breeoche here, wishing you a happy lunar new year and happy upd8 day!

Here's a little announcement regarding the status of the site, future plans, and what we have learned in the first few months of running Homestuck Daily. 

As the title suggests I am here to announce the end of our impromptu hiatus and holiday break, posts on the web site will resume very soon. The issues with our comment section still aren't fixed and we aren't super happy with having your creations hosted on here without the possibility of interaction, but we also don't like the site being completely dead until it's resolved. The issue is much more complicated than previously thought so we'll just have to go ahead without Disqus for now.

The next post I am guaranteeing is an upd8 fanart showcase, posted next week. There MIGHT be a valentine's day special, but don't necessarily count on it.

We originally had pretty big expectations for the web site, but if I'm being honest those expectations were entirely too big. I don't know why we thought a team of three people doing this as a hobby on top of our actual jobs could make interesting news articles multiple times a week, that's optimism for you! Hell of a drug. So we are scaling back a bit. Regular fanart showcases, which are truly the lifeblood of the little community we've created, will now become a biweekly thing. This will mean fanart showcases will either be longer or slightly more curated. If we decide to go the more curated route, we will as always try to maintain a good ratio of smaller and bigger artists.

This will allow us to more efficiently focus on the backlog of submissions, as I'll admit we have been pretty bad at posting them even though we imagined them as the most important part of the site originally. I'm sorry to everyone who submitted and had to wait! Your things will be posted soon.

We will also try to focus more on original articles in the future. We already have a really fun one in the drafts! It's about trolls. The movie franchise. I swear it's relevant to what we're doing here. Trust me on this bro.

TL;DR: we are so back.